Lender Ordered Liquidation
Western Poconos/Endless Mountain Region.
Only 2 hours from the NY metro area and Philly!!!

2 Acres with Great Views only $24,900

3.8 Acres with Sweeping Private Views only $39,900

“The Only Outside Noise You’ll Hear Will Be The Birds & Rustling Trees”


Here is an opportunity to own large private wooded parcels in the Endless Mountains Region of Eastern Pennsylvania. The prices in this lender ordered liquidation afford you the opportunity to own private wooded homesites at a fraction of what it cost them to create. With no time frame to build and financing available, you can lock in a great price on a quality large acreage property and build when you’re ready. IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR LAND TO BUILD A HOME IN LUZERNE COUNTY NOW OR IN THE FUTURE YOU HAVE TWO CHOICES ON THE SIZE OF YOUR HOMESITE. BUY A THIRD OF AN ACRE LOT IN A CROWDED DEVELOPMENT WITH NO PRIVACY FOR 50 THOUSAND DOLLARS OR GET 9 OF THOSE 1/3 ACRE LOTS, WHICH IN THEIR DEVELOPMENTS WOULD COST YOU NEARLY A HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, AND PAY ONLY 34,900 FOR 3 ACRE WOODED HOMESITE IN THE DALLAS SCHOOL DISTRICT.

Goodleigh Manor is a 500 acre tract of land on which wooded properties were created averaging 4 acres. The developer built 5 miles of blacktop township road that meanders across the top of two mountains with 30+ mile views.

One of the previous owners was a gentleman named Colonel Reynolds. A Colonel in WW1 he purchased the land, originally a 1,100 acre tract, and ran a dairy operation called Goodleigh Farm well known for their Guernsey Cows and quality dairy products. Being a horse enthusiast, Colonel Reynolds had miles of trails built through the woods on the property to ride on. The developer was able to land plan the property keeping over 2 miles of them as walking trails for property owners that lead to the Goodleigh Manor Nature Preserve, an open space area of around 35 acres.

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Summit Woods

The Savings
With a replacement cost of over $80,000/parcel (land, roads, improvements, engineering, environmental studies, etc) no developer now or in the future can create a community like Goodleigh Manor and sell the homesites for the prices this low. It would be financially impossible. You’ll be able to own acreage for what many of the other high end developments charge for a half acre lot. You’d have to buy 4 of those half acre lots to equal the size of our smallest property. At the current price in most other developments of about $70,000 for their average half acre lot, those four half acre lots would cost you $280,000.


The Opportunity
The land being liquidated by the lender one of the most attractive and breathtaking properties we’ve ever seen. The property has both character and class. Your friends and family will be in aww when they come to visit and sit out on your deck taking in the 30 mile views. There’s nothing like this in the area…nor will there ever be again! Goodleigh Manor is a once in a lifetime opportunity for people looking for quality property. They say a “picture is worth a thousand words,” but seeing this land
is believing!